The Dryer Repair Letter from God

We received a service call to repair that dryer, which was actually strangled. The customer tried to find somebody near to repair his dryer, because it was extremely hot and there were no air movement outside the dryer. He was absolute sure there he needs a dryer motor replacement because there were a lot of noice , but no air movement produced.

When the dryer was taken apart, we thoroughly inspected the motor and found no problem in it:

The clean Whirlpool dryer motor

When inspected internal air vent, we supposed there is something wrong in there:

The Whirlpool dryer internal vent channel

We took apart the channel and found something under the thick layer of lint:

We never read letters addressed to other people, but we know what is written in there:

“Dear user, please love your dryer and service it, please”.

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